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my lost

Publié par Candice sur 28 Décembre 2005, 17:16pm

Catégories : #Poésie

My lost


He lets me down, knees on the ground.


I fell in love, I thought I’ve found!


I wrote each time allowed, I wrote


Each time wanting he answered a lot


Of sweet love words to warm my heart.


But he did not… He is not smart


To leave me in that nothingness


Of my feelings. My lost I bless


In forgetting you don’t let me know


The way you won’t, fucking fellow,


Belay your sides at mine. Fine scene?


No! Oh, no! I can’t imagine


Your head won’t lull on my sweet breast!


And should I love you or just haste?


Or should I erase your picture


Still in, of my literature?



Candice, 28/12/05, Rennes


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